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1 Mod-01 Lec-01 Eukaryotic RNA polymerases and basal transcription factors
2 Mod-01 Lec-02 Diversity in core promoter elements
3 Mod-01 Lec-03 Diversity in general transcription factors
4 Mod-01 Lec-04 Proximal & Distal Promoter Elements,Enhancers and Silencers, Gene-specific Regulators
5 Mod-02 Lec-05 Transcription factors : DNA binding domains
6 Mod-02 Lec-06 Transcription factors: transcription activation domains
7 Mod-03 Lec-07 Role of chromatin in eukaryotic gene regulation
8 Mod-03 Lec-08 Role of histones in eukaryotic gene regulation
9 Mod-03 Lec-09 Role of DNA methylation in eukaryotic gene regulation
10 Mod-03 Lec-10 Chromatin remodelling & gene regulation
11 Mod-03 Lec-23 Mechanism of transcriptional activation by nuclear receptors
12 Mod-04 Lec-11 Co-transcriptional and post-transcriptional modifications of pre messenger RNA-I
13 Mod-04 Lec-12 Co-transcriptional and post-transcriptional modifications of pre messenger RNA-II
14 Mod-04 Lec-13 Regulation of RNA Pol I transcription
15 Mod-04 Lec-14 Regulation of tRNA and 5s rRNA synthesis by RNA Polymerase III
16 Mod-05 Lec-15 Signal Transduction Pathways - Introduction
17 Mod-05 Lec-16 Regulation of gene expression by cyclicAMP
18 Mod-05 Lec-17 Regulation of gene expression by second messengers other than cAMP
19 Mod-05 Lec-18 Regulation of gene expression by Protein Kinase C
20 Mod-05 Lec-19 Regulation of gene expression by Growth factors
21 Mod-05 Lec-20 Regulation of gene expression by cytokines
22 Mod-06 Lec-21 Regulation of gene expression by steroid hormones
23 Mod-06 Lec-22 Regulation of gene expression by type II nuclear receptors
24 Mod-07 Lec-24 Gene Regulation during Drosophila Development
25 Mod-07 Lec-25 Signal transduction pathways involved in embryonic development
26 Mod-07 Lec-26 Homeotic genes
27 Mod-07 Lec-27 Epigenetic regulation of gene expression during development
28 Mod-07 Lec-28 Embryonic stem cells and Transcription factor-mediated epigenetic reprogramming
29 Mod-08 Lec-29 Cloning and Expression vectors
30 Mod-08 Lec-30 Eukaryotic protein expression systems - I
31 Mod-08 Lec-31 Eukaryotic protein expression systems - II
32 Mod-08 Lec-32 Eukaryotic protein expression systems-III
33 Mod-09 Lec-33 Human Gene Therapy
34 Mod-09 Lec-34 DNA vaccines
35 Mod-09 Lec-35 Transgenic animals
36 Mod-09 Lec-36 Transgenic plants
37 Mod-09 Lec-37 Knockout mice
38 Mod-10 Lec-38 Regulation of Eukaryotic Gene Expression by Small RNAs (RNA Interference, RNAi)
39 Mod-10 Lec-39 Genomics & Proteomics
40 Mod-10 Lec-40 Metabolic Engineering & Synthetic Biology

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