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1 Mod- 1 Lec-1 Introduction to Hydraulics
2 Mod-1 Lec-2 Open Channel Hydraulic Part-1
3 Mod-1 Lec-3 Open Channel Hydraulics Part -2
4 Mod-1 Lec-4 Velocity and Pressure Distribution
5 Mod-1 Lec-5 Practical use of velocity co-efficient in channel flow
6 Mod-1 Lec-6 Conservation Principles & ioioGoverning Equations
7 Mod-2 Lec-1 Uniform Flow
8 Mod-2 Lec-2 Uniform Flow Formula
9 Mod-2 Lec-3 Computation of Uniform Flow Part-1
10 Mod-2 Lec-4 Computation of Uniform Flow Part-2
11 Mod-2 Lec-5 Uniform Flow in Mobile Boundary Channel
12 Mod-2 Lec-6 Incipient Motion Condition and Regime of Flow
13 Mod-3 Lec-1 Concept of Specific Energy
14 Mod-3 Lec-2 Computation of Critical Depth
15 Mod-3 Lec-3 Specific Force, Critical Depth & Sequent Depth
16 Mod-3 Lec-4 Non-uniform Flow: Gradually Varied Flow
17 Mod-4 Lec-1 Classification of Gradually Varied Flow
18 Mod-4 Lec-2 Characteristic of Gradually Varied Flow
19 Mod-4 Lec-4 Gradually Varied Flow & its Computation
20 Mod-4 Lec-5 Computation of Gradually Varied Flow
21 Mod-4 Lec-6 Gradually Varied Flow: Numerical Methods and Problem Solving
22 Mod-4 Lec-7 Rapidly Varied Flow: Hydraulic Jump
23 Mod-5 Lec-1 Hydraulic Jump
24 Mod-5 Lec-2 Flow Over Hump and Channel Contraction
25 Mod-5 Lec-3 Canal Design-1
26 Mod-6 Lec-1 Canal Design-2
27 Mod-6 Lec-2 Design of Alluvial Channel
28 Mod-6 Lec-3 Design of Alluvial Channel-2
29 Mod-6 Lec-4 Design of Alluvial Channel-3
30 Mod-6 Lec-5 Unsteady Flow: Waves and its Classification
31 Mod-7 Lec-1 Unsteady Flow Part-2
32 Mod-7 Lec-2 Unsteady Flow Part-3
33 Mod-8 Lec-1 Pipe Flow: Friction Loss
34 Mod-8 Lec-2 Pipe Flow: Losses in Pipes
35 Mod-8 Lec-3 Pipe in Series & Parallel
36 Mod-8 Lec-4 Pipe Network Analysis
37 Mod-8 Lec-5 Water Hammer & Surge Tank
38 Mod-9 Lec-1 Pipe Flow: Friction Loss
39 Mod-9 Lec-2 Pipe Flow: Losses in Pipe

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