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1 Comparing Iterative and Recursive Factorial Functions
2 Defining a Factorial Function
3 Diagramming What Happens with a Function Call
4 Exercise - Write a Fibonacci Function
5 Exercise - Write a Sorting Function
6 Flowchart for the Factorial Program
7 For Loops in Python
8 Fun with Strings
9 Insertion Sort Algorithm
10 Insertion Sort in Python
11 Introduction to Programs Data Types and Variables
12 Iterative Fibonacci Function Example
13 Python 3 Not Backwards Compatible with Python 2
14 Python Lists
15 Recursive Factorial Function
16 Recursive Fibonacci Example
17 Simpler Insertion Sort Function
18 Stepping Through Insertion Sort Function
19 Stepping Through Iterative Fibonacci Function
20 Stepping Through Recursive Fibonacci Function
21 Stepping Through the Factorial Program
22 While Loops in Python
23 Writing a Simple Factorial Program. (Python 2)

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