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1 25 Years at PDI
2 A Fast Wait-Free Hash Table
3 A New Balancing Method for Solving Parametric Max Flow
4 A Structured Orchestration Language
5 An App Developer View of Next Gen Systems Enablement
6 An Ultrafast Optical Digital Technology Smart Light
7 Botnets: Anticipating Failure
8 Building Your Own Dynamic Language
9 Computer Architecture is Back: Parallel Computing Landscape
10 Computing on the GPU
11 Design for Yield / Design for Manufacturing
12 Energy Harvesting for Wireless Sensors
13 Expanding the Mobile Consumer Software Market
14 Flash Player ActionScript Virtual Machine
15 Future Evolution of High-Performance Microprocessors
16 Measurements vs. Bits: Compressed Sensors and Info Theory
17 Nanomanufacturing Technologies
18 New Architectures for a New Biology
19 New Directions in Multiprocessor Synchronization
20 Off-the-Record Messaging: Useful Security and Privacy for IM
21 Software Not Provided: Supporting Communities and Democracy
22 Stream Computing
23 Stream Programming: Multicore Made Practical
24 The Need, Evolution, and Detail of WLAN Security
25 The United Communication Transformation
26 VoIP Encryption in a Surveillance Society
27 What the Second Generation Holds

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