Total 22 Videos found in Category "Computer Systems Laboratory Colloquium (2007-2008)"

1 A Head in the Cloud: The Power of Infrastructure as a Service
2 Android: Building a Mobile Platform to Change the Industry
3 Building a Safer Web
4 CMOS Process Variations: A Critical Operation Point Hypothesis
5 Computing in Transition
6 Demonstration of Brain Computer Interface Using the Emotive Epoc
7 Distributed Systems: Computation With a Million Friends
8 Dynamic Languages Strike Back
9 On the Road to Computer Literacy
10 Open Source Study: Analytics, Economics and Best Practices
11 Parallel Programming 2.0
12 Programmable Micofluidics
13 Scalable Parallel Programming with CUDA on Manycore GPUs
14 Science Communication, Science Literacy and Public Support
15 Self-Improving Artificial Intelligence
16 Spookytechnology and Society
17 The Challenge of Small Form Factor: The ASUS Eee PC
18 The Challenges of Implementing Matlab®
19 The PeakStream Platform for Many-Core Computing
20 The Role of Accelerated Computing in the Multi-Core Era
21 The Search for Jim Gray
22 Tracking the Internet into the 21st Century

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