Total 16 Videos found in Category "Core - Applied Mechanics"

1 Lec-1 Preliminary Concepts
2 Lec-10 Properties of Surfaces-Part-1
3 Lec-11 Properties of Surfaces-Part-2
4 Lec-12 Properties of Surfaces-Part-3
5 Lec-13 Moments and Products of Inertia
6 Lec-14 Methods of Virtual Work and Potential Energy-Part-1
7 Lec-15 Methods of Virtual Work and Potential Energy-Part-2
8 Lec-16 Stability of Equilibrium
9 Lec-2 Vector Analysis
10 Lec-3 Analysis of Forces
11 Lec-4 Analysis of Equilibrium
12 Lec-5 Structural Mechanics-Part-1
13 Lec-6 Structural Mechanics-Part-2
14 Lec-7 Friction and its Applications-Part-1
15 Lec-8 Friction and its Applications-Part-2
16 Lec-9 Friction and its Applications-Part-3

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