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1 A Lesson in Aggression
2 Beyond the Red Zone
3 Cesar Goes to Vegas
4 Cesars House Rules
5 Desperate Husbands
6 Dog Whisperer 100th Episode
7 Dog Whisperer Gives Dog Advice to the Obama Family
8 Dog Whisperer: Blind Terrier
9 Dog Whisperer: Calm Down!
10 Dog Whisperer: Chill Out!
11 Dog Whisperer: Dog vs. Chicken
12 Dog Whisperer: Firehouse Mascot
13 Dog Whisperer: Get in the Car!
14 Dog Whisperer: Guitar-Howling Hound
15 Dog Whisperer: Jumping Border Collie
16 Dog Whisperer: Patti Labelle Has Puppy Blues
17 Dog Whisperer: Retirement Terrors
18 Dog Whisperer: Shell Shocked
19 Dog Whisperer: Uncaging Cotton
20 Dogs on the Red Carpet
21 Freak Show Dog
22 Horse & Dog Whisperers Unite
23 Man vs. Dog
24 Puppy Mills
25 Scared Willie
26 Simpson-Wentz Pup
27 Soap Opera Dog
28 This Dog Has a Crappy Diet
29 Two-legged Dog Walks
30 Virtual Reality Rehab
31 Whole New Dogs Life

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