Total 20 Videos found in Category "Dumbbells Routine"

1 Alt. Chest Press on Exercise Ball
2 Bent Over Rear Fly
3 Bent Over Row
4 Bent Over Row with Triceps Kickback
5 Bicep Curl
6 Cross Body Bicep Curl
7 Crunches on Exercise Ball w/ Dumbell
8 Overhead Triceps Extension
9 Plank Row w/ Dumbells
10 Plank w/ Weighted Body Twist
11 Rear Fly on Exercise Ball
12 Single Arm Bicep Curl
13 Single Leg Deadlift
14 Single Leg Squat w/ Dumbbell
15 Squat w/ Dumbbells
16 Tricep Extension on Exercise Ball
17 V-Sit Overhead Tricep Extension
18 Walking Lunge w/ Bicep Curl
19 Walking Lunge w/ Weighted Twist
20 Weighted Calf Raises

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