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1 Baby Strong
2 Baywatch Body Beach Workout
3 Fitness: Quick Warm-Up, Dynamic Flexibility
4 Easy Diet Tips For Cutting Calories - Trainer in the Kitchen
5 Exercise Ball Abs Workout
6 Exercise Band Partner Workout
7 Exercise Band Workout and Exercises
8 Fat Blasting Interval Workout - Part I
9 Fat Blasting Interval Workout: Part 2
10 Fat Burning Swimsuit Shape Circuit Workout
11 Fooled By The Fat Burning Zone?
12 Free Fitness Plyometrics Workout Video
13 Free Flexibility Video: 5-Minute Stretch Routine
14 Get Fit Like Maria Sharapova! Tennis Workout Video
15 I Want My Bikini Body Workout
16 Model Fitness Interval Workout
17 Model Fitness: Workout Secrets Revealed!
18 No Gym Travel Workout Video
19 Plyometrics Pushups for Toned Arms
20 Q&A with Fitness Expert Katrina
21 Ski in Snowboard Winter Workout
22 Slim and Sexy Spring Break Workout Video: Part 1
23 Slim and Sexy Spring Break Workout Video: Part 2
24 Slim and Sexy Valentine Day Workout
25 Slimmer Legs: All the Right Moves
26 Strength Training at its BEST!
27 Summer Slim Down Bikini Workout Video
28 The Little Black Dress Workout
29 Tom Brady Inspired Women Circuit Workout Video
30 Total Body Toning Cardio Workout Video
31 Trainer In The Kitchen: Morning Mocha Smoothie
32 Your Perfect Circuit Workout for a Hot Body!
33 YouTube Diet and Fitness Questions Answered!

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