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1 American Slang: At a Restaurant
2 American Slang: At School
3 American Slang: At the Airport
4 American Slang: At the Market
5 American Slang: At the Movies
6 American Slang: For Your Health
7 American Slang: On the Road
8 American Slang: On Vacation
9 English for Beginners: Days and Months
10 English for Beginners: How to Tell Time
11 English for Beginners: Possessive Adjectives
12 English for Beginners: Simple Questions (5 Ws and H)
13 English for Beginners: Singular and Plural
14 English for Beginners: Subjects and Pronouns
15 English for Beginners: Talking about the Weather
16 English for Kids: "I Can" and "I Cant"
17 English for Kids: "I Like"
18 English for Kids: Alphabet
19 English for Kids: Animals
20 English for Kids: Colors
21 English Pronunciation: "F" vs. "V" Sounds
22 English Pronunciation: "K" vs. "G" Sounds
23 English Pronunciation: "S" vs. "Z" Sounds
24 English Pronunciation: "Sh" vs. "Ch" Sounds
25 English Pronunciation: Difficult Vowels
26 English Pronunciation: The "Th" Sounds

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