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1 About the Experts: Taylor Nissi and Nick Schmidt
2 Basic Equipment for Lacrosse
3 Boys Lacrosse Rules
4 How to Avoid Penalties in Lacrosse
5 How to Choose a Lacrosse Camp
6 How to Cradle a Lacrosse Ball
7 How to Get Recruited by a College Lacrosse Team
8 How to Perfect Your Lacrosse Shot
9 How to Win a Draw in Lacrosse
10 Lacrosse Defense Basics
11 Lacrosse Drills: Attack and Midfield / Midfield Focus
12 Lacrosse Drills: Attack and Midfield / Zigzag
13 Lacrosse Drills: Defense / Alley Drill
14 Lacrosse Drills: Defense / Hat Drill
15 Lacrosse Drills: Defense / Lunch Pail
16 Lacrosse Drills: Shooting / On the Move
17 Lacrosse Drills: Shooting / Stationary
18 Lacrosse Offense Basics
19 Lacrosse Shooting Techniques
20 Lacrosse Wall Ball
21 Tips for Lacrosse Goalies
22 Types of Dodges in Lacrosse
23 What Is Lacrosse?

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