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1 3-variable linear equations (part 1)
2 A more formal understanding of functions
3 Column Space of a Matrix
4 Compositions of Linear Transformations 1
5 Compositions of Linear Transformations 2
6 Defining a plane in R3 with a point and normal vector
7 Defining the angle between vectors
8 Determining whether a transformation is onto
9 Dimension of the Column Space or Rank
10 Dimension of the Null Space or Nullity
11 Distributive Property of Matrix Products
12 Dot and Cross Product Comparison/Intuition
13 Expressing a Projection on to a line as a Matrix Vector prod
14 Finding projection onto subspace with orthonormal basis example
15 im(T): Image of a Transformation
16 Image of a subset under a transformation
17 Introduction to matrices
18 Introduction to Projections
19 Introduction to the Null Space of a Matrix
20 Inverse Matrix (part 1)
21 Inverting matrices (part 2)
22 Inverting Matrices (part 3)
23 Lin Alg: Orthogonal Complement of the Orthogonal Complement
24 Lin Alg: Orthogonal matrices preserve angles and lengths
25 Lin Alg: A Projection onto a Subspace is a Linear Transforma
26 Lin Alg: Alternate Basis Tranformation Matrix Example
27 Lin Alg: Alternate Basis Tranformation Matrix Example Part 2
28 Lin Alg: Another Example of a Projection Matrix
29 Lin Alg: Changing coordinate systems to help find a transformation matrix
30 Lin Alg: Invertible Change of Basis Matrix
31 Lin Alg: Orthogonal Complement of the Nullspace
32 Lin Alg: Representing vectors in Rn using subspace members
33 Lin Alg: Showing that A-transpose x A is invertible
34 Lin Alg: Transformation Matrix with Respect to a Basis
35 Lin Alg: Unique rowspace solution to Ax=b
36 Lin Alg: Visualizations of Left Nullspace and Rowspace
37 Linear Alg: Projection is closest vector in subspace
38 Linear Alg: Rowspace Solution to Ax=b example
39 Linear Alg: Visualizing a projection onto a plane
40 Linear Algebra: Determinant and area of a parallelogram
41 Linear Algebra: Determinant of Transpose
42 Linear Algebra: Eigenvectors and Eigenspaces for a 3x3 matrix
43 Linear Algebra: Finding Eigenvectors and Eigenspaces example
44 Linear Algebra: Gram-Schmidt example with 3 basis vectors
45 Linear Algebra: Transposes of sums and inverses
46 Linear Algebra: (correction) scalar muliplication of row
47 Linear Algebra: 3x3 Determinant
48 Linear Algebra: Another Least Squares Example
49 Linear Algebra: Basis of a Subspace
50 Linear Algebra: Change of Basis Matrix

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