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1 Lec-1 Introduction and Fundamental Concepts
2 Lec-10 Second Law and Available Energy-I
3 Lec-11 Second Law and Available Energy-II
4 Lec-12 Second Law and Available Energy-III
5 Lec-13 Thermodynamic Property Relations-I
6 Lec-14 Thermodynamic Property Relations-II
7 Lec-15 Joule-Kelvin Expansion:Properties of Pure Substances
8 Lec-16 Properties of Pure Substances-I
9 Lec-17 Properties of Pure Substances-II
10 Lec-18 Properties of Pure Substances: Ideal Gases
11 Lec-19 Properties of Ideal Gases
12 Lec-2 Zeroth Law and Fundamental Concepts
13 Lec-20 Vapors Power Cycle-I
14 Lec-21 Vapor Power Cycle-II
15 Lec-22 Vapor Power Cycle-III
16 Lec-23 Vapor Power Cycle-IV
17 Lec-24 Gas Power Cycle-I
18 Lec-25 Gas Power Cycle-II
19 Lec-26 Gas Power Cycle-III
20 Lec-27 Thermodynamics of Reacting System-I
21 Lec-28 Thermodynamics of Reacting System-II
22 Lec-29 Thermodynamics of Reacting System-III
23 Lec-3 Different Kind of Energy and First Low-I
24 Lec-30 Thermodynamics of Multi Component System-I
25 Lec-31 Thermodynamics of Multi Component System-II
26 Lec-32 Thermodynamics of Multi Component System-III
27 Lec-4 First Low-II
28 Lec-5 First Low-III
29 Lec-6 Second Law and Its Corollaries-I
30 Lec-7 Second Law and Its Corollaries-II
31 Lec-8 Second Law and Its Corollaries-III
32 Lec-9 Second Law and Its Corollaries-IV

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