Total 40 Videos found in Category "Mechanical - Engineering Mechanics - Dr.G.Saravana Kumar"

1 Mod- 9 Lec-22 Stability of Equilibrium
2 Mod-1 Lec-1 Fundamentals Of Engineering Mechanics
3 Mod-1 Lec-2 Equations of Equilibrium
4 Mod-10 Lec-23 Kinematics of a Particles
5 Mod-10 Lec-24 Kinematics of a Particle Moving on a Curve
6 Mod-10 Lec-25 Relative Motion
7 Mod-10 Lec-26 Plane Kinematics of Rigid Bodies
8 Mod-11 Lec-27 Kinematics of a Particle
9 Mod-11 Lec-28 Work and Enjoy
10 Mod-11 Lec-29 Impulse and Momentum
11 Mod-11 Lec-30 Direct and Oblique Impulse
12 Mod-11 Lec-31 Plane Kinetics of Rigid Bodies
13 Mod-12 Lec-32 Kinetics of a Body
14 Mod-12 Lec-33 Method of Momentum and Analysis of Robot Manipulator
15 Mod-13 Lec-34 Kinematics in 3D
16 Mod-14 Lec-35 Kinetics in 3D
17 Mod-15 Lec-36 Free Vibration
18 Mod-15 Lec-37 Forced Vibration(Damped Undamped)
19 Mod-15 Lec-38 Vibration of Rigid Bodies Part-1
20 Mod-15 Lec-39 Vibration of Rigid Bodies Part-2
21 Mod-15 Lec-40 Some Problems of Vibration
22 Mod-2 Lec-3 Truss Analysis Part-I
23 Mod-2 Lec-4 Truss Analysis Part-2
24 Mod-2 Lec-5 Analysis of Frames&Machines
25 Mod-3 Lec-6 Internal Forces
26 Mod-3 Lec-7 Internal Forces in Beams
27 Mod-3 Lec-8 Cables
28 Mod-4 Lec-10 Application of Friction Part-1
29 Mod-4 Lec-11 Application of Friction Part-2
30 Mod-4 Lec-9 Friction
31 Mod-5 Lec-12 Application of Friction Part-3
32 Mod-6 Lec-13 Centroids&Center of Mass
33 Mod-6 Lec-14 Centroids&Area of Moments
34 Mod-6 Lec-15 Product of Inertia, Rotation of Axis and Principle Moments of Inertia
35 Mod-7 Lec-16 Second Moment of Mass
36 Mod-7 Lec-17 Principle Mass Moments of Inertia
37 Mod-8 Lec-18 Virtual Work of Ideal System
38 Mod-8 Lec-19 Principle of Virtual Work
39 Mod-8 Lec-20 Systems with Friction
40 Mod-9 Lec-21 Potential Energy

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