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1 How To Ask Out a Flight Attendant
2 How To Avoid Jet Lag
3 How To Be Prepared When You Arrive At a Foreign Destination
4 How to Cope with a Fear of Flying
5 How To Find Cheap Airfare
6 How to Fly Stand-By
7 How To Get a Passport
8 How To Get Through Airport Security
9 How To Get Your Seatmate To Shut the Hell Up
10 How To Never Lose Your Luggage
11 How To Not Look Like a Tourist
12 How To Pack Everything For Your Vacation Into a Carry-on
13 How To Pick a Great Airline Seat
14 How to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip
15 How To Pretend Youre a Real New Yorker
16 How To Say Hello and Goodbye in German
17 How To See New York For $35 a Day
18 How To Take a Cab in New York City
19 How To Transport Your Car Overseas
20 How To Travel Alone

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