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Summary: Pashto (پښتو - also transliterated Pakhto, Pushto, Pukhto, Pashtu, Paxto or Pushtu), known as Afghani in Persian and Pathani in Punjabi (the two languages being located on either side of Pashto), is the native language of the indigenous Pashtun people or Afghan people who are found primarily between an area south of the Amu Darya in Afghanistan and west of the Indus River in Pakistan. It is a member of the Eastern Iranian languages group spoken in Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as by the Pashtun diaspora around the world. Pashto belongs to the Northeastern branch of the Indo-Iranian language family, although Ethnologue lists it as Southeastern. The number of Pashtuns or Pashto-speakers is estimated 50-60 million people world wide. (Most of the books below are by Courtesy of www.pukhto.net)


Afghan Guluna By Shereenyar yousafzai.zip

Alwat By Abasin Yousafzai.zip

Aslami Zuwanan By Nizamudin Shayiq.zip

Barkha By Khaad Shamozai.pdf

Chaarbetha Researched by(Serrana) Shereenyar Yousafzai.zip

Chagha By Sherzada Sajid.zip

Da Juwand Chagha By Ajmal Khattak Baba.zip

Da Rahman Baba Deewan.zip

Daa Lewanai Lewanai Garza By Aziz Manerwaal.zip

Daar Av Dildaar By Ajmal Mansoor.zip

Ghurzanguna By Abasin Yousafzai.zip

Gul Panra By Ali Khail Daryab.zip

Hayaatona By Hayat Roghanai.zip

Khuwagai Mesrai By Doctor Kabir Stori.zip

Kodaree By Iqbal Shakir.zip

Laka Shabnam Che Pa Gulaab Zaleegi By Malak Muhammad Masood Qasem.zip

Lewantob By Akmal Lewanai.zip

Lithkee By Aater Yousafzai.zip

Nazar Panra By Engr. Farooq Khan Farooq.zip

Okhke Mashaloona By Shereenyar Yousafzai.zip

Pa Oroono Kay Guloona By Rafiq Yousafzai.zip

Pa Spongmaye Guloona By Tawab Turabi.zip

Pailooze By Shah Zar Khan Aseer.zip

Saaskee By Falak Naaz Bangash.zip

Sardaray By Amir Khan Mosa Khail.zip


Da panjray chaghaar By Ghani Khan.zip

Ghani Khan Poetry.zip

Palwashey by Ghani Khan.zip

Panoos By Ghani Khan.zip

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